Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Life Beyond Code's Blogging Starter Checklist

From Life Beyond Code (great name for a blog, btw), an excellent Blogging Starter Checklist:
1. Register a domain name with your name and redirect to your blog.
2. Get a "Creative Commons License"
3. Get a feedburner account and direct feeds through feedburner
4. Implement subscription chiclets
5. Enable search
6. Claim your blog at Technorati
7. Allow users to get your blog via email
8. Link to your profile
9. Link to your photo album
10. Announce your blog to the world
11. Provide a way to contact you
12. Link to your bookmarks
13. Create meaningful categories and chunk content
14. Put your photo on the home page
15. Ensure that your RSS feeds are OK
16. Geo-tag your blog at Feedmap
17. Include a blog link in your email signature
18. Claim your blog at Feedster
19. Register at Findory
20. Register at blogwise
Check out the original article for details and links!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Eclectic Book Club Blog

Congratulations on your "A" in the blogging course, Stephenie! I'm proud to present The Eclectic Book Club Blog, a new and very active blog for a reader's group in North Alabama. GREAT JOB!

~ Marianne

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Learning to Blog

A fantastic look at what libraries are doing with blogs as learning examples, The Free Range Librarian, K.G. Schneider, has posted her recent conference presentation "virtual handout" on blogging and RSS tools. Check out Blogs: Not Just Another Ugly Neologism

Also, Michael Stevens at Tame the Web has shared his Dominican University's LIS class assignment which includes creating a blog and then making 5 blog posts about libraries, technology and the Web. Wow.

CC: Library Supporter