Friday, October 07, 2005


This blog is an online cooperative course on blogging. Focusing on Blogger, Google's free home desktop publishing software. We'll also discuss various issues and topics related to blogs. As the blog progresses I'll post screenshots and help file notations to show exactly how it all works.

Follow along, but please note that usually blog posts are read from last-to-first. I've added the agenda on the sidebar so that you can take the course (which is actually the first seven posts) in consecutive order. On the Archive pages, for example, you would want to start the course at the bottom of the page and work your way up.

If you are a staff member of the Huntsville Madison County Public Library and would like to use this as a credit towards your annual required courses feel free to do so! Requirements for receiving one (1) training credit through Staff Training and Development are as follows:
1. Create a new blog on Blogger
2. Change or add links in the sidebar using HTML, including your site's feed.
3. Insert a feed into the sidebar using any feed service such as bloglines or feeddigest.
4. Blog consistently (at least one post a day) for two weeks) (at least once every other day) for one week.
5. If you already have an active blog you can skip the course!
6. Send the link to Staff Training and Development for credit.
Hopefully you'll discover just how much fun blogging really is through this course.

Care to contribute? Simply email this address and it will become a topic after I've checked for span and formatting issues. Comments are always open!

Marianne Lenox
Staff Training and Development Coordinator, Huntsville Madison County Public Library
Editor, Library Supporter

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