Friday, October 07, 2005

The Tweaking Never Stops

Now that the sidebar is complete, I've done a few little things to the template to suit my tastes:

  1. Added the RSS link and image to the "blog-header" div. If you're not sure what RSS is check out What is RSS and Why should I care?, another of my online courses.
  2. The footer section in this template had been commented out, so I removed the comment code and added a Copyright statement using Digital Colony's Mask Email ASCII Generator to hide my email address from spambots. I set the footer to align right and included a 2px top border in CSS.
  3. I made the page and post titles clickable using just one of many Blogger hacks on the internet.

A novice blogger can learn fairly quickly with a simple copy and paste of code, just be sure you save your template in a local text file as a backup in case something goes terribly wrong. You might have a test blog or you can always start over with a new template if the error is unrecoverable. Don't be afraid to play with template!

You'll also want to investigate all the other administrative options on your Blogger dashboard. Blogger does leave a bit of funcitonality (like categories) behind, but overall it's an easy, free way to learn blogging without your own domain.

Here are a few things I did in the administrative dashboard:

  1. Show only one post on the front page since I have the "Welcome: message there.
  2. Turned on word verification for comments to prevent spam.

Careful, "Tweaking the Blog" can become addictive!

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WHAK'd said... offers a unique way of hiding your email/text from spider bots.